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We have over 30 years’ experience of creating bespoke furniture, for indoor and outdoor use. Designing and producing one off pieces and whole internal design schemes. Key to our business is our belief in delivering sustainability, quality and originality.
We simply love speaking to people with a dream of creating beautiful and sustainable furniture. Our design and consultation service is complementary to all clients, private or commercial. All our pieces are handcrafted in our Sheffield workshop.

The Pugiipug Boys

Signature designs

Our signature design collection has been developed over many years. Choosing only the most popular designs each season, we do however maintain our traditional feel. Whilst our designs may change slightly from time to time due to trend changes these pieces are proven favourites.  

Commercial designs

We have extensive experience building beer garden bars and BBQ stations. Using our same ethos we build practical yet attractive structures to enhance any garden, restaurant or public house.

Bespoke designs

Our passion is for helping clients find that one off creation to fill that difficult little corner or to create that statement centre piece for any room. 

Commercial design service

We simply love speaking to people who are looking to design their very own unique piece of indoor or outdoor furniture. We work closely with our clients and our colleagues in the local antique industry to ethically source one off items to incorporate into your design or to help clients revitalise a cherished piece.

Please contact us on either via email using the contact us link or via Facebook or even go old school and pick up the phone.  



Order queries and Admin

01246 431 869


Design queries, manufacture and general enquiries
07722 481 589

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